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Most popular adult super store names & details

We like to go to stores to buy necessities. But for buying adult products, many are hesitant to go to the store to buy. To solve this problem today, we will talk about some of the best online adult super store sites name, from where you can easily buy the best adult products. We tell where it is best to order sex toys for fresh tastes. Here are the best adult super store sites list

Come as you are

The Canadian store has simple and easy-to-understand guides on almost all issues in the world related to sex toys. The most unexpected section is about people with special needs and ways to help them get sexual pleasure. We are talking about allergies, limited mobility, increased sensitivity to vibration, and other problems.

What to buy:

  • Down Syndrome- a textbook for children about their bodies, boundaries, and sexuality.
  • Latex wipes for oral sex or whatever else comes to mind, the principal thing is safe
  • Flashlight iPad holder, in which a masturbator of the same brand is, attached
  • Hannah Blank’s book Big Big Love, which tells about the sex life of enormous people and how to make this life more fun

Eden Fantasy’s

It is a supermarket of adult goods, part-time almost a social network. Eden Fantasys has implemented an amazing user feedback system. You always know exactly what you are buying. Each product comes with ratings, user videos, photos, and rated reviews.

There are also a lot of criteria for sorting. For example, you can choose a device with a certain noise level, from the right material, and with an average rating of at least a specific score.

What to buy:

  • Order a free starter kit, which can be returned within 17 days if you dislike it
  • Vaginal stimulator Platinum Edition Personal Pleasurizer, the average rating is four stars out of five.
  • We-Vibe Touch Clitoral stimulator, the average rating is four stars out of five.

Coco de Mer

An expensive boutique of luxurious lingerie and sex toys is not for the poor. It named after the nut of the Seychelles palm tree. It is also a sea coconut, and its stylized image is an identification mark of the store. It is based in London, and the online store successfully trades worldwide.

It produces its line of devices and sells the most beautiful toys of third-party brands. Come in if you need something of increased elegance, for which it is not a pity to layout the average monthly budget. The brilliance and beauty of objects for pleasure are appealing.

What to buy:

  • Created manually glass dildo Fuji sculptor AHH with leather tail-flogger
  • Paul Seville Feather Tickler
  • Hide nothing from Body
  • Velvet and Venetian lace set Belle ET Bonbon

Ann summers

Playful London store specializing in budget brands, inexpensive cute underwear, and accessories. Constant discounts make it even more attractive, and this may even apply to batteries. You can always find underwear that looks very much like something super expensive. Rabbit vibrators in stock- there is always a special section for rabbits on the site. Besides, they organize sales in the store and online parties with demonstrations of goods.

What to buy:

  • Set for creating a devilish image: false eyelashes, nails, makeup
  • A transparent  penis ring in  balls massaging a penis, with vibration and a clitoris stimulator- all you need in one small device
  • Tiny Screaming O Power Tube Vibrator with Lip Balm
  • Lure briefs with a bow under which there is almost nothing


Babeland is an American sex shop.  It first opened in Seattle, then in New York. They include it in almost all of New York City. It has a decent selection of goods oriented mostly to women and couples. ‘Aunts’ run the store, refusing to believe that sex is only for the young and beautiful. Everyone is welcome here. Babeland supports charity, especially in the rights’ area and interests of LGBT people, HIV-infected, and migrants. It makes people happy.

What to buy:

  • Nexus double-sided dildo for lesbian couples, but with some flexibility, the participants will suit anyone
  • Go Girl device, so that a woman can urinate while standing if there are no other options, active tourists respect
  • Solar Powered Vibropool for Eco-Activists
  • A massage candle with three aromas to choose from- tobacco with sandalwood, lychee with lime and honey with almonds, made based on soybean oil, avocado, and jojoba, which can still be moisturized daily.

Pure delish

The frivolous and colorful Pure Delish opened in 2000 as a store with clothes and shoes for striptease and go-go dancers but gradually grew. Now it sells sex toys, accessories, underwear, costumes for role-playing games, fetish clothes and shoes, costumes and stupid sexy party favors.

What to buy:

  • Pretty Leg Avenue romper, you can wear it like linen, or you can spend it on a lazy Sunday
  • Shiri Zinn clitoral stimulator made of soft silicone in the form of a cupcake comes already with batteries and in a polka-dot tin box
  • The Leg Avenue satin set looks three times more expensive than it costs
  • Batteries AA Sexy Battery, nothing special, but packaging!

The stockroom

You can’t just get into this harsh fetish store in Los Angeles- you need to ring the doorbell, maybe they will open it. The online version has no such problems. If you need something high-quality with keywords like steel, rubber, latex, skin, spikes, pain, humiliation, and silicone fisting arm, bigger, you address. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out that there are frills in leather, surgical steel looks exciting. They tell about something raw descriptions with all respect for the choice to suffer.

What to buy:

  • The Lynn strap by Velvet Nest, handmade, 100% cotton, suitable for vegans, machine washable
  • A neoprene mount for the Heeldo dildo, worn on the leg, contributes to the diverse masturbation of men and women, although the pictures usually show only girls
  • The Teddy Love bear’s nose and tongue vibrate, and it is controlled by pressing the left ear, but it’s better not to give it to the children – they will break it

Other nature

This Berlin sex shop online store prudently appeared switching to English. Other Nature describes herself as a feminist, queer store, sex-positive, environmental, and vegan. This means that owners try not to support gender stereotypes, including in adult products, try not to harm nature, accept any sexual orientation. It does not approve of the use of animal products. Anyone can find something interesting here. The main thing is to carefully read the descriptions, and otherwise, you are suddenly allergic to some natural product.

What to buy:

  • Exciting gel for the clitoris, 100% vegan, without glycerin, parabens, and L-arginine, which irritates patients with cold sores
  • Vegan bracelets made of leatherette, manufactured by the specialized Dresden Company Kinky Vegan
  • LELO Ipo finger vibrator, 12 speeds and moderate vibration for those who prefer relatively weak stimulation

Smitten kitten

A pleasant site about sex and cats, browsers often swear about the security of the connection. The owners of the store based in Minneapolis are just for safety and opened it after the launch of the coalition against toxic toys in 2003. The problem of unsafe toys is acute because such products rarely need to be certified. This is one reason it is better to buy devices of understandable brands in stores that care about their reputation. Smitten Kitten is just like that.

What to buy:

  • The funniest butt plug manufactured by BS Atelier
  • A ‘bag full of sex toys’ in which you can carry anything
  • Postcard by Stacy Burrington that love takes different forms
  • Packs for ice or heating pads, use after sex, to relieve pain during menstruation or just like that, with cats!

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