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How to prepare for anal sex- Popular ways

People like anal toying and anal sex for a variety of reasons. Most people who do anal sex are not gay men. The recent increase in the popularity of anal sex in virtually every variant makes perfect sense. If you want to improve your version of anal sex, consider the following points.

Everything you need to know -How to prepare for anal sex Properly

Anal sex has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Any man and woman can enjoy this sex.

Knowing the body is one of the most important parts. Self-exploring the area and hugging it will make penetration easier.


 Always try to wash penis and anus before anal sex

  • Use soap for the genital area and avoid those that are scented.
  • We recommend it to eat a day before green things like salads and fruits.
  • Avoid eating irritating foods that can cause pain when you evacuate.
  • Going to the bathroom earlier is of utmost importance.


Foreplay is very important. Giving oral sex in the vagina and then in the anus to achieve high stimulation.

It should start gradually. After oral sex, you can insert the smallest finger. Then you have to go with the middle finger, then two fingers and little by little.

Lubricate the area a lot with an artificial lubricant. The anus does not have natural lubrication.

  • Using a condom will prevent the contraction of any disease. It allows you to enjoy the experience more safely.
  • Be as relaxed as possible and breathe deeply. Whoever receives the penetration must be in control. If it is something that is bothering him, both must stop.
  • During penetration, the person who receives anal sex is the one who will move. Decides the rhythm, how deep it can be, and is the one who will move before penetration.
  • It is important to emphasize that a pleasant result is not always obtained for the first few times.


If you will have vaginal sex after anal (or vice versa), you must change the condom. The same applies to toys. Otherwise, it is easier to get a vaginal or urinary infection.

Have cleaning wipes on hand to clean the area after the act.

To have pleasant anal sex, the idea is to be relaxed so that there can be a penetration without pain.

Tips for healthy anal sex

Sex is healthy. Anal sex can be a sexual practice like others. There are sensitive areas of the anus, so it can cause a lot of pleasure when we stimulate it. These sensations are very subjective and everyone loves them in their way.

Anal sex is an alternative source of pleasure for many. Be careful since it is not without risks.

Always use a condom

It breaks the walls of the anus and rectum through anal sex; you can get infections if you don’t use a condom. The walls of the anus and rectum are broken with some ease, producing small wounds through which bacteria and viruses can get into the bloodstream. Furthermore, these walls are absorbent, so that the blood or semen of the sexual partner can enter our body through the anal mucosa, even though there is no wound.

Use a suitable lubricant

To avoid painful penetration, it is essential to use a lot of lubricants, both in the anus and in the fingers and, later, in the penis.

Its use makes it easier for friction to cause no injuries, both in the anus and in the penis. For longer sexual practices; a silicone-based lubricant compatible with latex can also be used.

Do not make sudden movements

Once the fingers or penis have been inserted, the expert shows that we should not make sudden movements. Wait for it to relax again. Otherwise, you will harm the other person.

Practice individually

For beginners, learn to relax with solo practice, introducing your fingers or dildos of original sizes. If you are comfortable with the sex partner and if enough practice is done, it may not hurt at all.

Speak it

If you want to explore anal with your partner, asking her a few questions about what she thinks about it. Have you done it before? Did you like it? Does ​​doing it appeal to you? From there, you can establish whether you and your partner can start the anal or not.

Explore your anus

The next times you’re bathing, put a little soap on your fingers, and get yourself a gentle exploratory session. Be assured that both the recipient and the giver must do this. Why? If you are the giver, you have an anus that is practically identical to your partner’s. Discovering what it feels like to have something stuck in your butt first. A hand will give you invaluable information. If you’ve never even put a finger inside your ass, be very shameless to think that it should allow you to stick something in the ass.

Well done anal sex shouldn’t hurt

Anal sex involves a lot of intense and novel sensory information. It owes much of its popularity to that. But while anal sex is likely to be a surprising and possibly challenging experience, it should never be a cause of severe pain.

If the receiving partner is new to anal play, we advise you to be very kind and careful so it has positive and pleasant associations.

Don’t be scared to shit

Yes. Feces come out of your anus. However, under normal circumstances, the rectum should be free of any significant amount of stool. By the time stool enters the rectum, you’re usually on your way to the nearest bathroom. The anus and lower rectum have very little stool, which means they tend not to be as dirty as we think.

Wash and enjoy

Put some liquid into your rectum to clean the area. It can be just as important to pleasurable anal sex as the physical effects. Cleaning the rectum is a preventative measure against the possibility of a disaster.

You can get a disposable enema kit from your local pharmacy. If you find that you like anal sex enough to put it into your sexual routine, you can buy a reusable kit.

Invest in an anal plug

Another purchase adds to your Amazon cart is a quality anal plug. By using an anal plug, the receiving partner will get used to the sensation of having something in the ass. Start using it while you have regular sex.

You’ll associate the feeling of being anally aroused with sex. You can also use a plugin for the period before anal toying. A great option is the Bootie model from Fun Factory.

Expect the best but prepare for the worst

Despite all this preparation work, there is still a small chance that sex will get dirty in the wrong direction. Put in an old towel or sheet, have some wet wipes on hand. Put the towel in the washing machine, go to the shower, and get yourself some loving care.

Go to a mentally quiet place

Again, the receiving partner’s ability to breathe and relax is the difference between an experience that makes them say wow or auch. Have a glass of wine or herbal tea if it helps you relax and relax your body. But don’t be too crazy.

Anal sex should not be experimented with while intoxicated or doping. The pain is a sign that they are doing something wrong. If they are drunk, they will not know when to stop.

Experiment with different positions

If you are the giver in anal sex, it may be a good idea to get behind your partner and let him handle the situation by inserting your penis at his own pace. For some people, anal sex is more comfortable in the doggy position. Others prefer to be face to face or even above.

No interactivity cavities

No matter how much pre-cleaning you’ve had the anus and rectum contain bacteria that don’t belong in the vagina. In porn, the tongue, fingers, toys, and penis are pulled out of a cavity and inserted into the neighboring cavity immediately. But in real life, such practices could cause a bacterial infection. If you put something in the anus, wash it before putting it in the vagina. Is it understood?

Incorporate hugs and caresses

Anal sex can be an intense experience, especially for first-time recipients. So don’t forget to manage a lot of aftercare in the form of kisses, pampering, and loving words- especially if your partner doesn’t like anal sex that much.


It is not to spoil the fun, but it would be negligent if we did not mention that anal sex puts people at a higher risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. This is because anal intercourse differs from vaginal intercourse. It involves different types of tissue, muscle strength, and natural lubrication. So as usual, use a condom if you feel you’re when you should be. This is the best ways -How to prepare for anal sex

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