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Most popular gay male sex toys you need to know

Most popular gay sex toys you need to know

Who doesn’t like to play around a bit? For having gay sex, sometimes you have to open your mind and incorporate certain erotic utensils. Toys can give that spicy point to your relationships. It helps you achieve greater pleasure. Today we talk about the most popular sex toys for gay sex. You may think you have already seen everything in terms of erotic toys for gays. We will show you that there are many more products to satisfy you than you might imagine at first.

Gay vibrator

It is almost always the first sex toy you think of. A gay dildo or vibrator gives you anal pleasure on those lonely nights, or also to play with your partner. With a vibrator, you can try a double penetration or be penetrated anally and orally at the same time with no threesomes, orgies, or massive practices. Gay vibrators always succeed. Look for the one that best suits your needs. You buy the toy not only for the size, shape, and color but also for its intensity of vibration. Do you prefer a lot of movement and tremors or not? There are vibrators created specifically for the gay audience, with a shape that allows the vibrator to reach and stimulate the male prostate, you know, the male G-spot.

Butt plug or anal plug

For the slightly more adventurous passive gays here are butt plugs. They are the ideal sex toy to dilate the anus and make them feel differently afterward. In domination and submission games they are a classic toy. We must also mention all its variants. The most popular is perhaps the dog tail. There is also pigtail, foxtail, and many other animals, and also butt plug with jewelry. Everything is to decorate your crown jewel back there. And if you already test them with remote control, do not be afraid of glass. Glass is hypoallergenic, and if you buy a high-quality thick cork, it will not break in your ass. The glass heats when it comes into contact with the skin and becomes very slippery for lubrication. Clear glass allows you to see the opening sphincter, stretched around the toy. Just remember that glass is a solid object that does not change shape at all, unlike silicone.

Penis extensions

Are you not satisfied with the size of your penis but you don’t dare to have surgery either? There are solutions to please you, such as latex penis extensions. If there are extensions for hair or false nails, why shouldn’t there be extensions for your member? In the form of a latex cover, you notice that it is very comfortable and you will get those extra centimeters easily when you want it.

Penis ring

Penis rings are the perfect ally for lengthening and maintaining an erection, increasing pleasure when having sex, and making orgasm take longer to arrive. Rings are also available in many models and sizes, narrower, wider.

Double Dildo

Sometimes both partners want to be in a passive role. Here, you can resort to the help of a two-way dildo. This is a long dildo with two heads, similar to a penis, at each end.

Nipple clamps

The nipples clamp make the wearer squirm with pleasure. Do not panic, that different nipple clamps adapt to the sensitivity of each one: from the softest and least painful to the most extreme ones. They try to mix and mingle pain and pleasure. To play and enjoy. Dozens of original companies produce nipple clamps. You can visit the website of the adult store. Some guys use clothespins, but you can use clamps that are designed specifically for this purpose. Nipples are a very erotic part of the male body and they can be very sensitive.

Nipple pump

The sensations are like nipple clamps. The principle of operation is like penis pumps. Instead of squeezing, the nipples are pulled into the tiny cylinder and held in it until you remove the device or reduce retraction. Creating a feeling of pain and pleasure, this device is perfect for all lovers of games with nipples.

Ass Shaped Masturbator

Not everything will be toys for the enjoyment of the liabilities; the assets also have at their disposal the classic masturbator in the shape of an ass.

Mouth Masturbator

If you get more oral sex than anal, you also have a mouth-shaped masturbator.

Double masturbator

Double masturbation is one of the most romantic things that you can do with another guy. A classic male masturbator makes this process easier. Regardless of which design or brand you prefer, they are essentially soft tubes with holes at both ends, into which you insert your penises, touching their heads and moving towards each other. Dual masturbators have become more difficult to find on the Internet.

Kneel on the bed face to face and insert your penis into the masturbator. Just kiss, kiss passionately, and stroke each other. Try to come to the finish line at the same time and kiss tightly during orgasm. And don’t forget to tell us thanks later.

Chain with six balls

This is one of the many anal chains with balls that can be found on sale and is good for beginners since the balls are relatively small. Anal balls, regardless of whether they are connected by a chain or not, do the same thing as plugs. They open the sphincter muscles and enter the anal cavity.

Adhesive tape

We usually use adhesive tape for bondage. It goes somewhat beyond the category of sex toys and can more likely be classified as a BDSM device. The adhesive tape is so sexy that it deserves a separate mention on our list. It’s unnecessary to do BDSM or something like that to enjoy being plugged in with tape. It will enhance vanilla sex and take your orgasms to an extra level. To glue someone’s mouth and/or wrists or when your mouth and/or hands are sealed- this will add to your sex an amazing feeling. If you are a safe, sound mind and act by mutual agreement- we should remember these three conditions as lovers of vanilla sex and something harder. You can find adhesive tape in any building materials store.

Anal hook

The anal hook is a metal anal hook. It has a metal ball at one end and a loop at the other. After the ball is inside the anus, we can hook the hook with a loop on the hands, hair, etc.

A distinctive feature of anal hooks is their ideality for the fettering bondage movement when the sub does not want to move his hands or head too much. Each movement of the anal hook will be felt in the ass.

Raw Pup

Penis extenders, butt plugs, and masturbators usually belong to different types of sex toys. Each of them can give hours of pleasure. The penis extender is usually a shell around the penis which makes it larger; add a ribbed butt plug and a masturbator. Together, these three toys made one bright invention- Raw Pup. Raw Pup is very similar to Raw Dawg, which shocked the world of sex toys a few years ago.

Raw Pup is a soft plastic toy that fits into the anus. Having overcome the sphincter, it is fixed in the ass with the help of a bulbous base. The toy opens and expands in the liability’s anus when the penis is inserted into it, giving an amazing sensation of stretching the ass for the bottom and a smooth, massaging sensation for the top.

Sexual music

It may surprise one that at the end of the list was music! Before that, no one had talked about melodies as a sexual amplifier. Background music not only sets the mood but is also one of the cheapest sexual accessories that you can buy. It is one of the most effective means.

The world of the gay sex doll is huge. Here we discussed just a few of them. Now gay sex Doll’s triumph is going on. But remember: don’t fall in love with a doll or a sex toy, there are lots of men out there willing to give you pleasure.

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