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In today’s world, a bra is the most popular undergarment for women. Keeping this demand in mind, various well-known brands of the world are coming up with new bras. There is less time to go to the market and buy a bra in this busy world. So you can shop online to reduce these problems. In this article, we will discuss some of the best bra buying sites. We will also tell you more about how to choose the right bra and how to wear a bra as usual best sites to buy sexy bra. We will try to make it short and make specific about each store.

We recommend you to buy bras online. The reason is simple: in physical stores; you don’t find the same variety, much less the same price.

We leave you the list of the best sites to buy sexy Bra

They all ship to various countries of the world and most of them accept returns.


One of the best-known specialty stores for large sizes. In the UK they have physical stores and are specialists in the fitting. From its website, you can buy both bra and panty sets, such as bikinis and swimsuits, even pajamas and clothes to walk around the house. They have a varied selection of the major brands. They also release models with their brands that are as good as the rest and also similar in price. They have a varied selection and you always find something for all tastes and all needs. They usually have stock in terms of sizes. Models with few sizes left are usually on sale.


This is one of the best known online stores for buying sexy bras. It is basic for their prices. It is where the cheapest sexy bras are found. Unlike Bravissimo, the stock in terms of sizes is not as good. It is like buying on sale: you can find impressive deals if you are lucky enough to find what you like in your size. It is not the best place to go to make a rational purchase of the ones you want to see. Everything there is, try, decide, etc.

Large Cup Lingerie

This website has a much smaller selection than others like Bravissimo, but in return, it gives you a more difficult brand to get. As in the others, we can also find bras, swimwear, and household linen. One pro of this store is that shipping is free.


Figleaves is an online clothing store for men, women, and children. It also includes underwear. They have a huge selection, both brands and models, from A cup to the K. There are so many things that you sometimes “get bored” of searching. It is advisable to look at the Sale section. It is where they put the items they have on sale. They often have very interesting things.


The online clothing store Asos is another good place to buy sexy bras and bikinis. Although they are not specialists in lingerie or large sizes, they have a fairly considerable selection of DD+ models. Be careful with the country page because the translations leave a lot to be desired and can be confusing. Above all, the problem comes with the sizes, because on the website in (country) they come out with what should be the sizes (85, 90, etc.) The crucial advantage of Asos is that it makes returns from too many countries. So they are cheaper.


We suppose that many of you already know this site, but not all of you know that you can also buy bras. In principle, it was an online bookstore. Today it is a giant that sells practically everything. Amazon UK is the most interesting to buy underwear, especially bras. In reality, it is the best place to buy it in terms of variety. It is convenient to search if we are clear about the exact model we are looking for. If they have it, we can get a surprise with the price.


What they do not sell on eBay is that it does not exist? So there are also sexy bras. As with Amazon, it is not the best place to buy, but it is advisable to search because we can find a bargain. Be careful with returns because not all of them accept them.

There are many more online stores where you can buy, but at the moment we leave you these because they are the ones we normally use. Therefore, we can guarantee that they work without problems. We hope they help you and encourage you to try buying online.

Secrets of bra fitting:

How to choose the right bra

A properly selected bra holds the chest in place, not allowing it to be unpleasant. The bra does not have other functions and wears it if any of them is important to you. The bra will not help a young girl to look older. It does not create a more respectable image for the wearer. It is not mandatory item clothes and does not positively affect health.

Do not wear it if you do not need

A poorly selected bra causes pain and discomfort. Pressing underwear disrupts the outflow of lymph and blood, the chest swells. If a woman experiences cyclic pain and breast engorgement before menstruation, the sensations become even worse.

 Redefine material

Material requirements for bras require at least the inclusion of synthetic fibers in the right places. Modern synthetics sometimes cope with all requirements better than any natural product.

Find your form

Lingerie stores do buy a lot of models that visually enlarge their breasts. Often a thick cup is needed not to turn into a sex diva, but to support a large breast. In order not to press on the shoulders, the bra should hold the chest in place even with the straps lowered. Without a dense shaped cup with good bottom support, this is impossible.

Focus on the belt

The belt (lower horizontal bar) of the bra should sit exactly horizontal and so tight that only two fingers fit between it and the body. Then the belt takes on the main road, and the straps only fix the cups in place and do not put pressure on the shoulders.

Calculate your volume

Women often try to squeeze into the smaller than necessary size of their panties or bra cups. It takes longer the length of the bra belt than it should. This happens both because of ignorance of the principles of selection. Measure it this way: take a centimeter tape, stand straight, measure the circumference of the chest so that the tape is located immediately below the chest, tightly, but not tight, and strictly horizontally.

Stop shy

Choose a bra according to its size so it does not stick to the body. The fat rollers do not protrude from the bottom. This is not very professional advice. The soft tissues of the body are not pinched by the bra belt. Only if these issues are few if you are slim.

Check: if you feel constant pressure on the shoulder straps, and you want to adjust the belt on the back and pull down under the shoulder blades, it is time to change the bra.

Remember how cups should sit

A correctly selected cup comfy enough, raises your chest higher to move the center of gravity, along the upper edge is in the same plane with the mammary gland, and the bottom edge of the cup fits exactly on the submammary fold.

How to wear a bra

Three simple conditions, comply with which will make the bra hit comfortable, maintain the shape of the chest, and allow you to look great.

The right bra- tight bra

The support function of the bra is mainly because of the belt. It is important to choose the right size. The desire is equal to the girth of the torso under the chest. But when buying, it is better to try on a bra a little less and a little more to achieve the desired fit.

The belt should sit tight, but not pull soft tissue. If the flesh knots over the gum, choose a larger size. Here, the bra should remain in place when you raise your arms. Fasten the new bra on the extreme hooks, and then you will adjust the size when the belt is stretched.

There should be no empty spaces in the bra cups

Make it a rule, after putting on a bra, to adjust the chest inside the cups with your hand so it is correctly distributed. This action will make the wear comfortable, but only if it is selected correctly.

When buying, make sure that the cups do not squeeze the chest and the fabric of the bra fits snugly against the bust.

Straps must be tight

The straps should lift and support the chest. Normally, the most prominent part of the bust is on the line that you can mentally draw if you find on the arm a point in the middle between the elbow and shoulder.

For the straps to complete their breast support task, adjust their length every month. Ideally, only two fingers should fit between them and the shoulder.

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