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Best place to have sex

Every man is born with a thirst to conquer women. And this thirst accompanies him 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. How to start your path seducer? How to develop? Do you want the opposite sex to be inexplicably excited in your presence? Want to seduce sophisticated ladies? Get the magic of seduction? Want to know the best place to have sex?

This is the Best place to have sex

Sex in the Negotiation room

Just bribe a security guard to give you the key. In the meeting room, there are many tables where it is convenient to have sex. There is no better place to meet all the desires of a colleague in love with you.

Sex in the Bathroom

It may be in a hotel or a friend’s apartment. The undeniable advantage of the bathroom is that you can come up with many poses. And there you can wash your hair and brush your teeth.

Sex in the Playground

Imagine: late at night you and your girl walk past a playground. Suddenly, both of you are overwhelmed with passion, which you indulge in on a hill or a swing.

Sex in the Roof

Guess the mystery: is it high, and ends with an orgasm? That’s right- sex on the roof. It is probably the most affordable of extreme sex entertainment. If you two have a little dizzy, this will only add to the process of sharpness.

Sex in the Stadium

Remember that YouTube video? Where the couple in love did! The benefit of the stadiums in our country has built a bunch. You can do this during the match, shouting rhythmically, cheering for the team.

In front of the mirror

Just imagine a room with mirrored walls. You see, a woman with whom you have sex at all angles at the same time. After this, even the Avatar in 3D will no longer surprise you.

Sex in the Boat

When you tire of rowing, pedaling, or just want to stand and enjoy the water surface. The atmosphere is comfortable, and there are few clothes for the two of you.

Sex in the PARTY

At a party, you retire with a girl in a room where every five minutes a thread comes in to drink a drunken mug! This is a mockery of the person, honestly! Well! Here you don’t think about clothes. Or just wait until 1 a.m. when most of the guests are already drunk. Even if someone catches you, no one will remember it the next day.

 Sex on the BUS

They occupy all seats on the bus. You are on the last pair of seats. You both want to. The girlfriend bends over, unzips her fly, takes out the boobs and the echo tag begins.

Sex in the Kitchen

Whether cooking or after dinner with friends: a genuine treat! 

Sex in the Car

Sex in the car is just as tricky as taking a shower. Every couple should face this challenge at least once. Bulli drivers, more often!

Sex in the Beach

Aw, how romantic! You can’t avoid Sex on the Beach.

Sex on the Stranger bed

Just don’t get caught! Doing it in a strange bed at a party or after watering the flowers is a pure thrill!

Outside in the summer rain

A mild summer night, a light, warm drizzle, a cozy spot in the green: the perfect backdrop for an outdoors.

Sex in the Office

If my colleagues knew that! Sex in the office is delicate, but an unforgettable experience.

Sex in the Elevator

Perfect for a quickie: it drives in the elevator and does NOT press the stop button. Exciting!

Sex in the Outdoor pool

Arousal public nuisance? Everyone has to take the risk.

Sex in the Sea

Just as romantic and unforgettable as sex on the beach is a hot number in the nearby

Sex on the washing machine

Switch on the spin cycle and go: Sex on the washing machine drives your lust from 0 to 100.

 Sex on the dining table

And for dessert, a delicious number right on the dining table. Yummy!

 Sex in the parents-in-law’s house

Pure thrill! Sex in the house of the parents-in-law welds together. Just be careful that the slatted frame doesn’t break.

 Sex in the tent

Regardless of whether you are a camping fan or an outdoor grouch- sex in an igloo tent should be on every bucket list!

Sex in the cinema

Soft red cinema armchairs, dim lighting, Dolby Surround Sound: A cinema hall is made for a secret quickie. Tip: Reserve a cuddly bench in the back row.

Sex around the campfire

Howdy girl! Sex around the campfire is not only adventurous but also romantic.

Sex at the lake

Before you buy a house by the lake like Peter Fox, you prefer sex by the lake. It costs less and is more fun.

Sex at your wedding

How now, sex at your wedding? That’s right, not after the wedding! Every bucket list has at least one almost impossible to-do!

Sex at a stranger wedding

Anyone who has already deleted the previous one in the head from the list should at least implement this point. Achievable, right?

Sex in the back yard

Which woman does not wish to be brought to orgasm by strong male arms pressed against a wall at least once in a lifetime? Get it, honey!

Sex in a mountain hut

Those who have missed the mountains at the beach, sea, and lake will get their money’s worth now. Sex in a mountain hut is also a must!

Sex on a jetty

Admittedly, the wooden planks can be hard, but with a soft blanket under you, sex on the jetty is simply unforgettable.

Sex in a beach chair

Just wait until most of the tourists have already left the beach and grab a hidden basket. Tip: On some beaches, you can even book a sleeping basket.

Sex in a locker room

A classic in the quickie business! Well, a fitting can sometimes take a while…

Sex in passport photo machines

It doesn’t have to be the one in the tasty train station or the dusty office…

Sex in the whirlpool

A hot number in the warm bubbly water? It couldn’t be better!

Sex in a meadow

It doesn’t have to be a bed in the rose. Sex on a meadow is still on your bucket list! Warning: The subsequent search for ticks is now part of it…

Sex in the swingers club

Wicked, crazy, dirty: jump over your shadow and try something new!

Sex in a bunk bed

Reminiscent of sneaking around on school trips: sex in the bunk bed makes you nostalgic.

Sex in the waterbed

And if you don’t have your own, just ask a friend about a night’s shelter.

Sex in a love swing

Rocking alone makes your stomach tingle…

Sex on the subway

Not legal and risky, but hey: no risk, no fun! You only live once.

Sex in the hallway

This moment when you can just make it into your apartment and fall directly on top of each other- priceless!

Sex on your doorstep

Before your lover puts his key in the hole, it must sink something else … Priorities are important!

Sex in the stairwell

Do it best in front of the apartment of your hearing-impaired neighbor…

Sex in a high seat

Wild boars and hunters can finally come around the corner… an experience!

Sex in a suite

In life, treat yourself to something!

Sex on the copier

Just don’t forget the slippery copies in the paper tray!

​​Ferris wheel sex

Great view, great gondola, great number! Questions? 😉

Sex in the forest

Some incised initials in a tree. You just do it. Sex cannot be more natural than in the forest.

Sex on the balcony

Almost a classic: you stand on the walls and he does it for you from behind, whereby you must show nothing. Hot!

 Sex in the bathtub

Perfect for a rainy Sunday: dims the light, turns on your favorite playlist, and drives it in the tub. Must-do!

Sex in the gym

The membership fee must have paid off for something, right?

Sex in the sauna

It doesn’t get any hotter than this: you have to have experienced sex in the sauna, alternatively in the steam bath!

Sex in a library

Sex between dusty bookshelves has something of American high school movies and therefore belongs even more on your sex bucket list.

Sex on the plane

Once in a lifetime!

Sex in the hammock

Whether in Bali or Cox’s Bazar- sex in a hammock means an instant holiday feeling!

Sex in the car wash

Not only has your car occasionally deserved a massage…

This are the Best place to have sex in our recomendation

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