The 5 Best audio sex stories sites

Watching porn can be very exhilarating if it’s your kind of thing. Some of us, listening to it is 5000 times hotter. Luckily, listening to people have sex is easier than ever, thanks to online sites for porn audio. We are going to discuss today best audio sex stories sites

But wait, let’s go back a bit if you don’t even know what porn audio is, it’s exactly what you’re thinking: adult content you hear, instead of watching. And just like normal porn, it’s available on various xxx sites.

So you don’t spend hours looking for the best options. We have done it for you. Listen and choose the one you like the most:

Popular platforms of Adult audio sites

Audio porn formats vary. Some sites offer sound recordings of genuine encounters, orgasms, or oral sex.

Sites that offer audio porn for free include Pornhub, the industry’s largest porn distribution site, Tumblr, or Reddit.

On these websites what you can find are the audios of anonymous people who are recorded having sex in its various forms.

Other sites offer assisted masturbation guides but several new platforms offer small erotic stories kind podcast. Most offer the stories only in English.

This are the best audio sex stories sites in industry

One of the most popular is the Dipsea. The audio porn platform founded by Gutierrez and Keegan. It is a subscription application, with a monthly cost of US $8.99 or annual cost of US $47.99 that gives access to 175 stories with weekly updates.

Another is Quinn, founded by Caroline Spiegel and Jackie Hanley. It is a free platform for users. According to The New York Times, will soon introduce an option to give a tip to the creators of the stories, of which the site will keep a percentage.

The Voxxx site offers audio porn specifically aimed at women with assisted masturbation guides.

The Literotica site offers a large amount of free erotic fiction with authors who upload fresh stories every day.


At $8.99 a month, Dipsea is one of the best-paid options for porn audio. If you like erotic stories, it’s worth it. It also has the most beautiful layout on the entire list.

Instead of just listening to fucking people, Dipsea tells you true erotic stories. They are not cheesy stories like the ones you see in other types of porn videos. Even the most basic stories stimulate your sexual tension like never. Plus, it’s made by women, so they know what we like. As for the themes, Dipsea does not disappoint. The app has a wide variety of genres, including exes, friends, and LGBT.


If you are looking for a site that will get you there quickly, Quinn is probably your best option. It is full of short audios ranging from 4 minutes to 20 long.

The layout of the site is not elegant at all, but it looks clean, friendly, and has all kinds of genres. If you want to hear someone being spanked, it’s an option. If you want to hear a man talk like he’s your boyfriend before having sex with you in the shower, that’s an option, too.

There are 53 tags that you can choose from so you can choose what you like the most.


Some of you may have already been to Literotica reading sexy stories, but the site also has an audio section that works perfectly.

If you are a fan of erotic, sexy, and slightly cheesy novels, you will love the Literotica stories. The problem with this site is that it is not so pretty and the stories are organized from A to Z. So there is no way to filter.

Bawdy Storytelling

Before entering Bawdy, we must inform you that the stories are a little longer than the rest. They vary from 30 minutes to an hour. So, yes, they are free, but they require a little more investment in terms of time. If you’re a theater nerd, Bawdy Storytelling might be worth it.

Each podcast episode is a recording of a live musical. Oh, and did we mention that each story is true? Real people submit their authentic stories to sex, who chooses which ones will be acted and recorded for the live shows.

Bawdy feels unlike any other porn out there. Instead of giving you a purely sexual experience, their stories give you a full range of emotions. They are hilarious, super theatrical, and be graphic and sexy.

Girl on the Net

If you haven’t heard of Girl on the Net yet, let me give you an overview: it’s a female sexual blogger whose goal is to take the taboo off sex.

She started blogging in 2011 by writing her stories, but now she also produces them as porn audio that you can find on her site. The porn audio on their site is great if you’ve already enjoyed reading their blogs or are enjoying reading sex blogs. Instead of following the standard format for sexy stories, Girl on the Net’s erotic porn just comprises reading your blog posts aloud.

It feels more like your British friend is giving you all the details of your sex life and you can’t help but get a little excited. If you’re not sure if this would be your thing or not, you might as well take it for a spin. The episodes are 10 minutes long and free.

Why it attracts more and more women

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of platforms that offer it. According to the economic media Forbes, so far a year the start-ups dedicated to audio porn have raised more than the US $8 million.

But why are they becoming so popular?

Visual oversaturation

For the sexologist Francisca Molero, there are several factors.

The first of them is that in the society in which we live, there is ‘hypertrophy of some senses. For example, there is an oversaturation of visual stimuli.

What happens when that happens? There comes a time when it no longer has the effect it did on us.

That is why, according to the expert, audio porn platforms collect the demand of part of society to use the other senses.

That demand is reflected, according to the expert, in that we increasingly enroll in cooking courses, or we will get a massage or spas.

The power of imagination

For Molero, in erotic terms, the ear is a very important sense, since it leaves much more room for the imagination.

‘The word has something very important, and it allows you to imagine many things,’ he says. ‘So how can audio porn not be an important stimulus?’

A feminist approach

Women found many audio porn platforms and have a feminist approach.

‘Visual porn works for women,’ Gina Gutierrez told The New York Times. Gutierrez and her friend Faye Keegan founded Dipsea, an audio porn application in which it records the stories with the voices of professional actors.

Dr. Molero agrees and explains that hearing has always been a fundamental sense to stimulate women.

‘Whenever there was talk of what aroused women, little was said about visual stimuli; there was talk mainly of hearing, of words, of the type of words they said to you and how they said them to you. It also happened in men, but it has always been proposed more for women,’ says the sexologist.

In this sense, Molero highlights that the way of consuming pornography of men and women is different.

Pornhub: Allegations of how the adult site enjoys revenge porn

‘Porn has always been male territory. It has been porn made for men and also with scenes of women doing things that men thought women liked, but in reality that was a lie, men liked them.’

‘She is an unequal model where the woman does not exist, except as a body, and as a stereotyped body, and an image she likes something that she does not like.’

Audio porn, however, has a more feminist approach.

‘Leave more to the imagination. Women have always used erotic literature as a stimulus because words allow you to imagine things differently,’ says Molero.

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